Finding Antibodies in Cryo-EM densities with CrAI

Interesting paper on Biorxiv

We propose a method dedicated to finding antibodies in cryo-EM densities : CrAI. This machine learning method leverages the conserved structure of antibodies and a dedicated novel database to solve this problem. We show that our method performs favorably compared to other methods, alleviating aforementioned limitations. Running a prediction takes only a few seconds and requires nothing but the cryo-EM density.

The easiest way to use the tool is through ChimeraX, as the tool is packaged as a ChimeraX bundle. The Chimerax toolshed is a hosted repository of bundle wheels. To install the tool, run the ChimeraX application and click More Tools… in the Tools menu. In the popup, search for “crai” and click the “install” button. You now should be able to use the tool !

All code is on GitHub

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