A Growing Collection of Reviews of Scientific Software. There are also compilations of data analysis tools, spectroscopy apps and reference management tools.

Cheminformatics and CompChem on Apple Silicon We all know that this new architecture is blazingly fast for video editors but what about us chemists?

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ActivityMinerExplore Structure-Activity-Relationships
alvaDescMolecular property calculator
Bioactivity PredictionComparing bioactivity prediction tools
BioTransformerA computational tool for small molecule metabolism prediction
cAppMolecular spreadsheet
ChemBioDraw UltraA Chemical drawing application
ChemDraw 17A Review of ChemDraw 17
ChemDoodle ReviewA Chemical drawing package
ChemDoodle 5 ReviewChemical drawing and more
ChemDoodle 7 ReviewUpdate to very popular drawing package
CheminformaticsOpen Source Cheminformatics toolkits
Clipboard-2-SMILESChemical structure conversion done on the clipboard.
CypReactCyp mediated metabolites prediction
DataGraph2D plotting and data analysis
DataWarriorChemistry data analysis tool
Dotmatics Reaction WorkflowsReaction workflow tool
FAMEPrediction of sites of metabolism
FAME2Prediction of sites of metabolism
FieldViewMolecule editor and field viewer
FieldAlignComparison of molecular fields
ForgeV10Virtual screen using field based pharmacophores
ForgeV10.2Multiprocessor support
IMPACTSPrediction of sites of metabolism
infiniSeeSearching ultra large chemical spaces
InstantJChemSearchable Chemistry database
LibraryMCSMCS based clustering
LigandScoutDrug Discovery, Pharmacophore design
MarvinChemical drawing and more
moe (2009)A review of the 2009 release
moe 2009.10A review of the update
moe 2010.10A review of the update
moe 2011.10A review of the latest version
moe 2012.10A review of the latest update
moe 2015.10A review of the latest update
moe 2018.10A review of the latest update
MOEsaicA Review of MOEsaic
Python Data Science LibrariesOpen Source Python Data Science Libraries
Scientific Computing and Modelling SoftwareA brief look at SCM software
RowanA web-native quantum chemistry package
SeeSARLigand design tool
Statsplus:macTurn Excel into Stats tool
StardropA review of Stardrop
Stardrop UpdateA review of 2013 update
VortexVortex does Biology
VortexCheminformatics data analysis and visualisation
WizardProA quick look at Wizard Pro