The Development of the Chemist’s Notebook

An interesting meeting organised by the RSC Historical Society, “The Development of the Chemist’s Notebook”, 13th March 2024, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

Programme: 10.30 Coffee
10.50 Welcome
11.00 Michael Hunter, The Workdiaries of Robert Boyle
11.40 Matthew Eddy, What was a Scientific Notebook? Amelie Kier, Chemistry and the Power of Annotation during the 1790s
12.20 Lunch (not supplied)
1.40 Sharon Ruston, Protean Poetics in Humphry Davy’s Notebooks
2.20 Frank James, How Michael Faraday’s Laboratory Notebooks Developed into a Diary
3.00 Tea
3.30 Kostas Gavroglu, Notebooks as Laboratories: The case of Linus Pauling
4.10 Samantha Pearman-Kanza, Electronic Lab Notebooks and Beyond
4.50 Closing remarks
5.00 Meeting ends

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