Everyone’s favourite text editor has been updated BBEdit.

  • When copying text from a ChatGPT worksheet, BBEdit will remove leading Markdown quotes from quoted responses. This is done only for non-rectangular selections when the worksheet’s language is set to “Markdown”, and when the selected range of text starts in a quoted section.If desired, this behavior can be suppressed with an expert preference:defaults write com.barebones.bbedit AIWorksheetStripQuotesWhenCopying -bool NO
  • The ChatGPT worksheet preferences add a provision for entering the API key. (The worksheet itself will still prompt for the API key the first time you send a query, if necessary.)
  • The worksheet “Send Command” worksheet is available now as an explicit command on the Edit menu. If you are confused by the distinctions between the Return and Enter keys, and using the factory default keyboard equivalent (ctl-Return or Enter) for “Send Command” doesn’t work for you, this may help.

Full details of the release notes are available here

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