BBEdit is my favourite text editor, of lost count of the times I’ve used it to “Zap Gremlins” to remove non-Ascii characters that were invisible when the text was displayed on screen. It is also my preferred editor for writing python or shell scripts.

If you work with very large documents the update includes a new Minimap palette that shows a high-level overview of the active text document.

Building on the concept of the Grep Cheat Sheet used in its Find windows, BBEdit 15 introduces the ability to create and use your own Cheat Sheets. This has been expanded to include ChatGPT.

BBEdit 15’s joins BBEdit’s unique “worksheet” interface to ChatGPT, so that you can have conversations with ChatGPT right in BBEdit itself — no application switching or awkward copy/paste from a web browser. Each chat worksheet that you create maintains its own history, so that you can easily refer back to past conversations, or keep a conversation going across an extended period of time.

There is a full feature on the website here

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