Review of SDF Pro from Adroit DI. June 2023

SDF Pro enables chemists to upload, organise, and integrate chemical and biological data at scale. With the ability to import and manage millions of data records in SDF (Structure Data File) format, SDF Pro provides an ideal platform for structuring “big data” efforts and laying the foundation for future AI initiatives.

Ease of use
• Work with up to 10 million records at once

• Fast searching in seconds across all files and records

• Quickly drill down and filter to the records you want

• Boolean search for missing data

• Familiar Excel-like interface makes data navigation simple
• Merge, search, and edit data based on molecular structure

• Calculate 18 molecular properties for your data set from uploaded files, search results or manually entered structures.
• Powerful table filtering
• Draw a structure or upload a .mol file to filter any dataset by structure.
• Set up filters by attribute values and null search to further refine search results.
• Two themes, dark and light. Change your preference anytime
• Search across all your files at once
• Upload unlimited SD files up to 10,000,000 rows/records/structures.
• Search by structures and data across selected files 
• Merge the hitlist into one new file.

• Cloud-based software ensures data is safely stored and accessed.
• Amazon web services provide state-of-the-art security.

• Serverless environment ensures software security patches are always up to date.

• Affordable at just $20 per user per month
• Simple per-user licensing – no hidden fees

In summary, SDF Pro offers a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for organising, integrating, and preparing large chemical and biological datasets, enabling valuable insights and discoveries. The ability to import and manage millions of records in SDF format positions SDF Pro as an ideal platform for “big data” initiatives in chemistry and biology.

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