UCSF ChimeraX version 1.8 has been released, and can be downloaded here. https://www.rbvi.ucsf.edu/chimerax/download.html

This update includes

– show worm depictions of attribute values (B-factor, conservation, etc.)
 using Render by Attribute tool or “cartoon byattribute” command
– show attribute values with atomic radii using Render by Attribute or
 “size byattribute”
– Select by Attribute graphical interface
– Join Models generalized to any covalent bond (not just peptide)
– show multiple alternate locations simultaneously with “altlocs show”
– “pbond” command to create arbitrary pseudobonds
– “measure contactarea” to report the area of one surface within a cutoff
 distance of another
– Segmentations tool for interactive manual segmentation in 2D slice views,
 3D (desktop), or 3D (VR) can be applied to any volume data, not just
 medical images; several fixes and ergonomic improvements including icons
 to assign/deassign mouse and VR hand-controller modes with a single click
– set up and analyze batch AlphaFold predictions to search for
 protein-protein interactions (commands for advanced users who can
 run ColabFold directly on Linux)

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