Urgent report for KNIME users on Apple Silicon

To all KNIME Analytics Platform users on macOS on Apple Silicon processors M1, M2, and M3:

We were informed about a problem introduced by the latest macOS 14.4 release that causes crashes in any Java based application, including KNIME Analytics Platform. The macOS issue occurs sporadically and is not deterministic, more details are available from Oracle on their blog

An issue introduced by macOS 14.4, which causes Java process to terminate unexpectedly, is affecting all Java versions from Java 8 to the early access builds of JDK 22. There is no workaround available, and since there is no easy way to revert a macOS update, affected users might be unable to return to a stable configuration unless they have a complete backup of their systems prior to the OS update.

To ensure uninterrupted use of KNIME Analytics Platform, we recommend that users delay applying the update to macOS 14.4.

There is no known work around for the problem except for applying a full backup of the system. Oracle has notified Apple and their partners about the issue and we are following it closely. Updates from Apple and Oracle will be posted on the KNIME Forum in this thread

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