I just got a message about my favourite text editor.

  • macOS Sonoma *will not run* versions of BBEdit older than 14.6. If you attempt to run a version of BBEdit older than 14.6 on macOS Sonoma, the OS will advise you of this with an alert; confirming the alert will forcibly exit the application.
  • If you are currently using a version of BBEdit older than 14.6, and are planning to update to macOS Sonoma, we strongly recommend that you update or upgrade (as appropriate) to BBEdit 14.6.7 (the current release) before installing the new OS version.
  • BBEdit 14.6.7 is a free update for all BBEdit 14.x customers, and you can obtain it by choosing “Check for Updates” from the BBEdit application menu, or by downloading and installing it from the BBEdit updates page on our web site.
  • If you are using an older version of BBEdit and are planning to upgrade to macOS Sonoma, you will need to update or upgrade your installed version, as appropriate:

They also updated the macOS compatibility page on the web site with this information.

BBEdit is a fantastic text editor for macOS. This award-winning product has been designed to serve the needs of writers, Web authors and software developers, and provides an abundance of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of prose, source code, and textual data. It is Apple Silicon native, can handle very large file sizes and is scriptable. One of my favourite features is the “Zap Gremlins” to remove non-printing characters in large data files, absolutely invaluable.

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