Enabling Fortran Standard Parallelism in GAMESS for Accelerated Quantum Chemistry Calculations

There is always an uptick of views every time there is a mention of Fortran so I thought I’d highlight this publication DOI.

The performance of Fortran 2008 DO CONCURRENT (DC) relative to OpenACC and OpenMP target offloading (OTO) with different compilers is studied for the GAMESS quantum chemistry application. Specifically, DC and OTO are used to offload the Fock build, which is a computational bottleneck in most quantum chemistry codes, to GPUs. The DC Fock build performance is studied on NVIDIA A100 and V100 accelerators and compared with the OTO versions compiled by the NVIDIA HPC, IBM XL, and Cray Fortran compilers. The results show that DC can speed up the Fock build by 3.0× compared with that of the OTO model. With similar offloading efforts, DC is a compelling programming model for offloading Fortran applications to GPUs.

There is a page of information about fortran on a Mac here https://macinchem.co.uk/fortran-on-a-mac/

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