Well things can change quickly at times, in the last tutorial I wrote..

Vortex has a limited capacity to render HTML, it is however a very limited ability so there is no support for javascript or CSS but you can introduce a number of useful extra features.

Well if you download the latest daily build of Vortex there is a version that comes bundles with Java 8, if you download this version are a host of new options for displaying plots.

In particular you can now display web pages, follow links on pages, and there is support for javascript.

Loading a Web Page

We can demonstrate adding a plot and loading a web page with a few simple commands in the Vortex console (Vortex Script Menu:Vortex Add ons:console). First load a workspace and then open the Vortex console. Then type:-

The web view is fully functioning and you can click on links etc and follow links. You can of course replace the URL, and perhaps have a URL generated from a compound ID to link to an internal web server.

The web view even supports Java applets such as JMOL as shown below, including all the normal interactions with the applet.

Last Updated 25 June 2014

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