UCSF ChimeraX version 1.7 has been released!

ChimeraX includes user documentation and is free for noncommercial use.
Download for Windows, Linux, and MacOS from:

Updates since version 1.6 (May 2023) include:

New graphical interfaces:
– Fetch By ID
– Map Filter
– Adjust Torsions (new section in Build Structure)
– Adjust Angles defined by three atoms (also in Build Structure)

Open command options to:
– specify model number
– combine incoming session with existing session
– designate map as difference map (show +/-contours automatically)
– fetch by IUPAC name (also in Build Structure tool)
– fetch EMDB map + fit structures

Mouse mode updates:
– new mouse mode to center the view on the clicked item
– better separation of trackpad multitouch zoom and rotate
– Z-translation by additionally pressing Ctrl in a translation mouse mode

– invert selection with left/right arrow keys
– mcopy command to copy settings from one atomic structure to another
– save GLTF options to cull backfaces, omit per-vertex colors, omit normals
– volume defaultvalues command to set defaults for subsequently opened maps
– info command saveFile option (list selection, attribute values, etc.)
– opening docking results automatically starts ViewDockX
– button to save Blast Protein results to TSV

There is a introductory workshop for ChimeraX on the RSC CICAG Youtube channel.

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