MLX a machine learning framework for Apple Silicon

I just stumbled across this repository on GitHub, MLX: An array framework for Apple silicon

MLX is a NumPy-like array framework designed for efficient and flexible machine learning on Apple silicon, brought to you by Apple machine learning research.

The Python API closely follows NumPy with a few exceptions. MLX also has a fully featured C++ API which closely follows the Python API.

To install from PyPI you must meet the following requirements:

  • Using an M series chip (Apple silicon)
  • Using a native Python >= 3.8
  • MacOS >= 13.3

It is also possible to build from source, with these requirements

  • A C++ compiler with C++17 support (e.g. Clang >= 5.0)
  • cmake – version 3.24 or later, and make
  • Xcode >= 14.3 (Xcode >= 15.0 for MacOS 14 and above)

There are detailed instructions on use

Looks like I’ll be busy over the Christmas break exploring and testing. I’d be interested if anyone has had a look at this.

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