Chemcraft in beta for Mac ARM and Mac Intel

You can download a beta version of Chemcraft here

Since this is not yet an Apple certified application read the installation instructions.

Chemcraft is a graphical program for working with quantum chemistry computations. It is a convenient tool for visualizing computed results and preparing new jobs for calculations. Chemcraft supports the following QC packages: Gaussian, Orca, Molpro, ADF, Dalton, NWChem, GAMESS-US and Firefly, CFour, Crystal, Jaguar, Molcas, Molden, Priroda, Psi, QChem, Quantum Espresso, Turbomole, VASP, and others. For dealing with other computation types, the possibility to import/export coordinates of atoms in text format can be easily used. Chemcraft itself does not perform calculations, but can significantly facilitate the use of widespread quantum chemistry packages.

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