A couple of folks have asked about the availability of Psi4 on Apple Silicon

From Wikipedia

Psi is an ab initio computational chemistry package originally written by the research group of Henry F. Schaefer, III (University of Georgia). Utilizing Psi, one can perform a calculation on a molecular system with various kinds of methods such as Hartree-Fock, Post-Hartree–Fock electron correlation methods, and density functional theory. The program can compute energies, optimize molecular geometries, and compute vibrational frequencies.The major part of the program is written in C++, while Python API is also available, which allows users to perform complex computations or automate tasks easily

Psi4 is the latest release of the program package – it is open source, released under the GPL through GitHub.

There is a message thread on the PSI4 forum describing Installing Psi4 for Mac silicon from source

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