Scikit-LLM: Sklearn Meets Large Language Models

I just stumbled across this and I thought I’d share it.

Seamlessly integrate powerful language models like ChatGPT into scikit-learn for enhanced text analysis tasks.

It can be installed using PIP.

Full details about the project are on GitHub

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FALCON: A Lightweight AutoML Library

Falcon is a lightweight python library that allows to train production-ready machine learning models in a single line of code.

Falcon is a simple and lightweight AutoML library designed for people who want to train a model on a custom dataset in an instant even without specific data-science knowledge. Simply give Falcon your dataset and specify which feature you want the ML model to predict. Falcon will do the rest!

Falcon allows the trained models to be immediately used in production by saving them in the widely used ONNX format. No need to write custom code to save complicated models to ONNX anymore!

Full details are on GitHub

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